Protectors for skateboarding

During skateboarding, a risk of falling occurs that is higher than the risk that occurs during cycling. This is also due to the longer braking trajectory. Multiple factors during skateboarding can lead to a fall. For this reason we need to wear protectors to protect us from injuries.

The most severe injuries can be caused by a fall on the head. This is exactly why we need to wear a helmet (for skateboarding or cycling helmet). We recommend using a set of knee, elbow and wrist protectors with protection for the palms. The knees and palms are the first to be injured in a forward fall.


The better the quality of the protectors, the more comfort and protection they provide. Comfort is extremely important if we spend longer time skateboarding.


The size of the protectors is chosen according to the size of the clothes, but we should always pay attention to whether our legs or arms are larger and more muscular. Protectors should not be tight or causing discomfort.