Choosing Shin Pads

Here, we will look at how to choose the right size. It is important to choose the right size, to be able to protect the knee. If you choose wrong size, the guard can expose the leg in some places, which can be painful in case you get shot with a puck.



Shin guards are divided under senior, junior and youth (kids’). Sizing goes from 7 up to 18. It is the length in inches, from the end of an ankle up to the middle of the knee. If you’re buying the shin guard at the store, we recommend getting on your knees in guards and seeing if any of them are making too much pressure.

There are few factors that can influence the size. If the length of your shin is in between two sizes, for wingers we recommend choosing the smaller size, and for goalkeepers, bigger size. Another important thing is, if you’re shin is tucked under the tongue, then we recommend getting a smaller guard.