The use of the ECOMMERCE EUROPE logo on our website certifies and guarantees that our customers will be treated to fair business practices and confirms that we are members in good standing with ECOMMERCE EUROPE. This accredited organization represents more than 25,000 companies providing products and services to citizens of the EU. ECOMMERCE EUROPE was founded by leaders from within the retail industry who play an influential role in the EU e-commerce and retail markets and who also represent the common views of member organizations.

ECOMMERCE EUROPE is actively engaged in many areas related to e-commerce in the EU, but in particular:

Public Affairs,
Reporting and Feasibility Studies,
Annual Conferences,
and more
The ECOMMERCE EUROPE logo is a recognized trademark and is made available for use by authorized members only. This designation ensures that customers will receive only the highest standards in e-commerce trade and fair business practices as defined by the Ecommerce Europe Code of Conduct.

If you would like to find out more about the ECOMMERCE EUROPE organization, please visit their website.

We believe that an honest and fair approach is the right way to achieve complete satisfaction for our customers; being members of ECOMMERCE EUROPE shows our dedication to this standard.