Inline Skates Maintenance

Have you skated many kilometres and your bearings make strange noises? Are your wheels or brakes worn down? Well, it's time for cleaning or replacement. 


After a couple of kilometres, wheels start to wear down, most notably the side which is stressed the most. It is recommended to switch the wheels from the right to the left skate and vice versa. 


Since the first wheel is always worn down the most, swap the first wheel with the third and the second with the fourth. 


Bearings are sensitive to dusty and wet surfaces and require regular care.


Almost any bearing can be taken out and cleaned. After proper cleaning, apply grease or gel and assemble again. This maintenance routine is recommended after or before every ride or at least whenever you change the wheels. 


Brakes also need to be replaced from time to time. When you feel the brake doesn't feel safe anymore, swap the rubber piece for a new one.