How to Choose?

Shoe Care Guide

Here you will find tips and recommendations on shoes care and maintenance. If you follow these instructions, your satisfaction with your new shoes is guaranteed.

  • When choosing shoes, be sure to choose properly depending on the planned activity.
  • In order to feel comfortable all day long, choose appropriate size and cut. If you receive the shoes and find out that they don’t feel comfortable, you may return or exchange them within 14 days.
  • Proper maintenance helps to extend the lifespan of your shoes.
  • Nearly every leather is coloured to attain the desired shade. In case of wet conditions, the colour might stain your socks.

Care instructions for various shoe types

  • Surfaces with GORE-TEX® membrane are to be washed with a cloth or a brush and tepid water. Let them dry naturally and avoid direct heat sources. In case that the original layer gets scrubbed or washed off, the water repellence of GORE-TEX® shoes may be easily restored with the help of available waterproof sprays. Check the label from the manufacturer before use.
  • Shoes made of smooth leather may be cleaned with a brush, soft cloth, or a damp sponge. After drying, use a cream and polish them using a fabric. Use only creams developed specifically for leather products. If you want to revive the look of your shoes without polishing them, you can use a self-shine cream. It is recommended that waterproof treatment is applied to leather shoes before first use.
  • Suede and nubuck shoes should be brushed gently and carefully. Stains may be removed by rubbing a soft white magic gum or special detergents. If you want to enhance colours, use sprays developed for this type of leather. Never use creams on suede and nubuck shoes.
  • Patent leather is sensitive to abrasion, chemical influences, temperatures below zero and wet conditions. Common dirt and stains may be cleaned with a dry or damp soft cloth.
  • Oiled, waxed and greased leather is another type which should be treated with specially designed agents, which make the leather softer, smoother and more durable. Treatments should be applied only on dry shoes. Keep in mind that very light leather slightly darkens after the use of maintenance products.
  • Shoes made of various plastic materials or artificial leather are easy to wash with water and dried with a soft dry cloth. Don’t use creams or polishes developed for leather products.

  • Shoes made of rubber - wellington boots, crocs and rubber sandals are also cleaned using tepid water and dried naturally. The inside is maintained by regular drying and changing of shoe insoles.
  • Textile shoes are to be brushed gently, depending on the level of staining while damp or dry. It is recommended that shoes made of textiles are treated with waterproof sprays and cleaning agents specially developed for this material. Textile shoes shouldn't be washed in a washing machine. 
  • Closed shoes (especially leather shoes) should be equipped with shoe trees in order to maintain the shape of the shoe and absorb moisture.
  • Shoes made of leather, textiles and various synthetic materials are not watertight. Wet shoes are not to be dried near direct heat source, instead dry them on a piece of paper or newspapers under 30°C temperature.


Always read the product's label and observe the rules set by the manufacturer.