Choosing Downhill Skis For Kids

Generally, kids should have their skis by 10-20 cm shorter than their height. That means the skis should stand up to their chin. Very small kids can use skis up to 30 cm shorter.


For example, a child 100 cm tall should not use skis longer than 90 cm.


Child's height Ski length
80 - 90 cm 70 cm
100 cm 80 - 90 cm
105 cm 90 cm
110 cm 90 - 100 cm
115 cm 100 cm
120 cm 100 - 110 cm
  125 cm   110 cm
  130 cm   110 - 120 cm
   135 cm    120 cm
   140 cm     120 - 130 cm
 145 cm  130 cm
  150 cm    130 - 140 cm

For the shortest skis, the brand or quality is not of much importance, as most children's skis are light and flexible, which is enough for beginners. Skis with a length of 100-130 cm have the same characteristics. Manufacturers design skis for beginners that are also suitable for children who already know how to ski.

Advanced models are also available on the market, for example with a wooden core and various attachments. These models have different radius. Smaller radiuses are designed for short turns and larger radiuses for longer turns.

We also recommend you to get your bindings installed and adjusted by a professional, so that the highest level of safety and maximum functionality is guaranteed.