Laminate (FG – fibreglass)

+ different diameters offer various stiffness

+ secure stability of the tent

+ very affordable

+ easy to handle thanks to a good flection

- higher weight compared to dural

- may crack in very low temperatures

- degrades over time

- not UV resistant


Wrapflex (WF)

+ advantages of laminate poles

+ additionally, the poles are covered with a polyester foil which improves its properties

+ more durable than laminate

+ easy to repair

- more expensive than laminate

- heavier than laminate

- not as durable as dural  



+ firm and durable

+ maintains its properties even in low temperatures

+ inner metal fitting – the pole is smooth and easy to handle

+ some alloys include scandium for even better strength

- more expensive than laminate



+ very firm and strong

+ poles are solid – may be used in non-domes constructions

- quite heavy