Choosing Ice Skates

How to choose ice skates? If you don’t know how, you’re at the right place. We will try to make the choice as easy as possible. First, we will see how to choose the adult and children size.


How to choose the size of the skates? Very important aspect when choosing skates is the right size. When choosing skates for adults, we recommend buying skates the same length as your feet with socks. If you were to buy skates with smaller insole, your feet would unnecessarily hurt, and any further time spent on the ice would be unpleasant for you. If, on the other hand, you would choose bigger skates, the foot would move too much inside the skate and you wouldn’t have enough stability.


When choosing skates for a child whose feet are always growing, we recommend buying skates with max. 1 cm longer insole than feet with socks. We understand child’s feet are always growing but wearing bigger skates will be much harder for a child, and they could trip over them.

A - foot length

   B - insole length

                                  C - 5 mm (0.20 inch)                        


Exceptionally, on the skates you can find the marks EE or D. EE marks wider skates, and D narrower skates.


When choosing, we also recommend getting quality socks, which will provide more comfort and prevent blisters. Ideal hockey socks shouldn’t have the seam at the toes.


Adult – foot the same length as the sole.