Choosing a Scooter with Pneumatic Tires

Scooters with inflatable, pneumatic tires provide the most comfortable ride. Inflatable tires absorb shocks and perform well on uneven terrain. The front wheel is often larger than the rear one, which allows for higher speed for the cost of slightly worse manoevrability. Kick scooters with pneumatic tires are bigger and heavier than freestyle or foldable scooters. 


Scooting is a good workout, since you exercise your whole body evenly. It helps to strengthen muscles but also to keep your body and mind in balance. It’s simply an accessible sport for everyone. 

Wheel Size

The readiness and flexibility of a sports scooter are most appreciated during rides around the city or on uneven unpaved roads. The flexible properties are at its best with wheels diameter between 12 to 20 inches.


Front wheel with 16-20 inch diameter and rear wheel ranging from 12 to 16 inches make nowadays a popular scooter construction, which allows the front wheel to easily overcome obstructions, make the scooter fast and flexible, yet compact thanks to smaller dimensions of the rear wheel. 

  • Urban Scooters - Ideal type of scooters for adults designed for city streets with 16'' front and 12'' rear wheel. Even though they are primarily used for city transport, they are suitable also for trips in the nature.


  • Adventure Scooters - If you want to take your scooter with you on your trips and ride on off-road trails in nature, we recommend 20-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear wheel. These scooters are too large for riding in city, but perfect for trips.


  • Sports Scooters - All sports scooters are designed for hiking roads. For longer trips, opt for scooters with 26-inch front and 20-inch rear wheel.

Deck Height

Deck height means the distance between the road and lowest point of the scooter's deck. Riding a scooter activates many muscles. When you push yourself off with one foot, your other leg stands in a knee bend. The height of the deck therefore influences how much physical activity you need to develop. 

The lower the deck, the less physical strength is required for proper speed without squatting too low. 

Handlebar Height for Adults and Children

The height is individually adjustable depending on the needs of the rider. In case of adults, the usual handlebar height is 90-130 cm, children may use scooters at least 50 cm high depending on their own height. Generally speaking, the handlebars should reach rider's hips. 


Too low handlebars may cause unnatural forward bending and back pain. Very high handlebars on the other hand decrease the manoeuvrability of the scooter. Regarding the deck height, according to the general rule, the lower - the better. Extremely low positioned deck is suitable on even road only, because gravel and stones might damage it. 


Before first use, read about road rules for kick scooters. We offer various scooter accessories such as mud guards, reflectors, turn signals, and bags. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I opt for same or different sized wheels?


Scooters with different sized wheels are faster. This construction can be found onl in scooters with inflatable tires. Same-size wheels provide increased flexibility for the cost of lower speed. 


Is scooting age-restricted? 


Kick scooters are suitable for all generations. Scooting doesn't damage joints, improves physical condition and balance, and stretches multiple muscles. 


What protection do I need?


Helmet is absolutely essential. Gloves are recommended for longer rides in order to prevent uncomfortable sores and blisters. Children, beginners and freestyle riders should be equipped with knee and elbow protectors