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Women's Trousers

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Arcore LISANA trousers are designed for cross-country skiing and other winter sports ... 6 Arcore LISANA
44,95 €
Women’s insulated shorts: The Hannah REDUX W will become an indispensable functional ... Hannah REDUX W
95,95 €
The hollow-fibre insulated, stitched Hannah KASTY women's shorts will become an ... 11 Hannah KASTY
60,95 €
Women’s ski trousers: The Helly Hansen W BLIZZARD INSULATED PANT are timeless and ... Helly Hansen W BLIZZARD INSULATED PANT
179,95 €
The Trimm DARRA feature a stretch material with a membrane. Equipped with warm ... TRIMM DARRA
131,95 €
The Willard MARIBEL are women’s softshell pants. The back side is made of combed ... 124 Willard MARIBEL
36,95 €
Northfinder MAXIME ski trousers are designed with an emphasis on quality, ... 1 Northfinder MAXIME
118,95 €
Crafted from stretchy fabric, O'Neill STAR SLIM PANTS offer unrestricted movement ... O'Neill STAR SLIM PANTS
179,95 €
Willard SILVIA softshell trousers are ideal for skiing and winter hikes. The upper ... 1 Willard SILVIA
52,95 €
Northfinder SYLVIA women's ski trousers are designed for alpine skiing. The trousers ... 4 Northfinder SYLVIA
110,95 €
If you are going to spend the day in the mountains, don't forget the Columbia SUMMER ... 29 Columbia SAT TRAIL II KNEE PANT
44,95 €
The ALPINE PRO CAROZA women's softshell shorts are made of functional ... 23 ALPINE PRO CAROZA
22,95 €
The TRIMM FJORDA is made of a lightweight stretch material and is suitable for ... 1 TRIMM FJORDA
98,95 €
Experience optimal comfort and support during active movement with Northfinder LIZZIE ... Northfinder LIZZIE
38,95 €
adidas UTILITAS ZO P women's outdoor trousers perform two functions at the same time, ... adidas UTILITAS ZO P
116,95 €
The TRIMM DRIFT LADY are light, breathable trousers in a comfortable fit suitable for ... 6 TRIMM DRIFT LADY
88,95 €
Jack Wolfskin ACTIVATE LIGHT 3/4 softshell hiking pants are a much lighter, more ... Jack Wolfskin ACTIVATE LIGHT 3/4
72,95 €
Haglöfs L.I.M FUSE W women's trousers have a minimalist design, they are easy to pack ... HAGLÖFS L.I.M FUSE W
112,95 €
Willard DONELLA softshell trousers are ideal for winter sports and hikes. They wick ... Willard DONELLA
36,95 €
Northfinder ANNAIS women's softshell trousers. Softshell elastic material adapts to ... 13 Northfinder ANNAIS
52,95 €
Haglöfs L.I.M FUSE W women's trousers have a minimalist design, they are easy to pack ... HAGLÖFS L.I.M FUSE W
112,95 €
Haglöfs L.I.M FUSE W women's trousers have a minimalist design, they are easy to pack ... HAGLÖFS L.I.M FUSE W
112,95 €
The simple and universal Scott ULTIMATE DRYO 10 W ski pants are amongst the ... 5 Scott ULTIMATE DRYO 10 W PANTS
127,95 €
The 2117 JULARBO pants are suitable for a wide range of winter activities. They are ... 1 2117 JULARBO
83,95 €
Women's outdoor pants Progress ROCA SHORTS semi-tight fit are made of functional, ... 2 PROGRESS ROCA
70,95 €
Nike DF FAST TIGHT W will help you keep your tempo. The combination of elastic ... 1 Nike DF FAST TGHT W
54,95 €
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Women's Trousers

You need to have a lot of trousers in your wardrobe. Some are suitable for sports, outdoor activities and trips and others for the city or work. Here you will find a wide range of every kind of winter, summer, and cargo trousers in many sizes and colours, so you don't have to worry about where to fill your wardrobe. Then don't forget to combine your capris and other trousers with a nice T-shirt. All canvas, linen, summer, cargo and other trousers (1241 types) are in stock on our e-shop or in our stores. Your purchase doesn't have to end there. See also other products from the category 500+ Pant Styles and Colours Available or contact our customer support.


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