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1. Tent type

Do you prefer roomy space and comfort, or do you need a small portable tent?

What occasions are you going to use the tent? This is what decides what type of tent you need. Do you plan on sleeping in the wild, or in a camp? And what about shelter, will it serve as a party tent or protection against sun and wind on the beach? It also depends on how many days in a year will you use the tent and where will you take it. You can find more in our How To Choosesection.

Honza D., outdoor specialist
2. Number of Persons

How many people will sleep in the tent?

Most manufacturers directly note for how many people the tent is intended. One person usually takes up 60-70 cm. Don't forget that besides people, the tent has to accommodate backpacks, soes and other equipment. That is why we recommend to check the tent's layout, how steep are the walls, and how large is the entry room.

Honza D., outdoor specialist
3. Water resistance

How much rain should the tent handle?

The higher the water resistance rating, the more resistant the tent is against soaking through. You should consider the weather conditions, because as the water resistance increases, breathabilty decreases. Water resistance of 2,000-3,000 mm is sufficient for recreational summer camping.

Honza D., outdoor specialist
4. Weight

Will you cary the tent in a backpack or load it in a car?

The weight matters! If you're planning a longer hike or going on a cycling trip, every gram counts and you certainly don't want to carry a tent that is too heavy. When going by a car, some extra weight doesn't make much difference.

Honza D., outdoor specialist


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