Isostar BIDON GOLD 650ML

Universal sports bottle - Isostar (N108NEW)


Isostar BIDON GOLD 650ML

Isostar bottles designed for prompt drinking, suitable for road cycling, team sports, also for a wide range of sports including hiking, and also for children. A universal sports bottle to prepare and transport drinks, suitable for isotonic drinks and also fizzy drinks, water and tea. The drink should not stay in the bottle longer than 12 hours. The drink can have a maximum permissible temperature of 40 Centigrades. We recommend washing the bottle with drinking water before the first use as well as after each use, and then letting it dry.
  • high-quality, fully recyclable and non-toxic LDPE and PP plastic that does not retain drink odours or taste
  • does not contain any harmful substances that could migrate to the drink, including any taste of plastic
  • meets the most stringent European standards on contact with foods
  • material regularly tested for harmlessness to health
  • made in Switzerland
  • volume 650 ml


Product code N108NEW
Material plastic
Volume 650 ml
Product type Nutritional supplements
Volume 650 ml



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13:25 16. 5. 2015

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