Cross Training

Do you work out regularly yet see no results? Maybe the reason lies in your head and what you’ve believed until now, and not in your body. To help you with the most common training and nutrition mistakes, we bring you the top 5 facts and myths about proper circuit training – as well as top quality fitness gear at a great price! Ready? Let’s go!

Want to learn more about circuit training? Here are the top 5 facts and myths.

Myth: Circuit training is for everyone
Sounds nice but it isn’t true. If you don’t know the proper technique for the exercise and movements in the training it’s very likely that you’re going to hurt yourself sooner or later. 

Fact: About 1 person out of 10 knows how to do a push-up correctly. Controlling your body is the basic condition for effective training of any type. If you don’t have proper basic skills (technique, coordination, joint mobility, a strong core) there’s simply nothing to build on.

Myth: Circuit training is about total exhaustion
Nonsense. If someone tells you this they have been misinformed, exercising to total exhaustion will almost certainly cause an injury within a couple of months.

Fact: Yes, circuit training IS an intense workout, but a good coach will never ask more from you than you can handle. Even with circuit training the old saying is true - slow and steady wins the race.

Myth: Circuit training causes frequent injuries
Yes – if you don’t listen to your body, try to overcome pain during exercise and don’t ask your coach for advice. Or if you want to achieve the perfect figure and strength in 14 days.

Fact: Circuit training uses movements that we do on a daily basis. If your body isn’t ready for them there’s only one solution – practice, carefully and with patience. Circuit training is NOT bodybuilding, it focuses on functionality of the whole body.

Myth: Circuit training automatically burns fat
No it doesn’t. You burn muscles instead of fat during fast and intense circuit training. You may loose weight, however it will not be a proper fat-to-muscle ratio.

Fact: You can burn fat via good nutrition, which is far more important than the style and frequency of your exercise. Decreasing the amount of aerobic exercise will also help significantly.

Myth: I will master the circuit training
On the contrary. You’ll get used to a certain type of exercise, but the overall result will be weaker, and this increases the risk of injury.

Fact: Circuit training is a type of maximum performance. This is not achieved by training as much as possible, but by classic training with gradual increase in difficulty/repetitions. A workout routine individually tailored to your needs by a professional is ideal.

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