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Men's Joma Spikes

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Men’s running spikes The JOMA R.R1200 racing spikes. For competitive use, specially recommended for long ... Joma R.R1200
110,95 €
Track spikes Joma R.FLAD 2107 spikes are specifically designed for cross-country running and are ... Joma R.FLAD 2107
90,95 €
Joma R.SKYFIT 2209 spikes are specifically designed for cross-country running and are ... 1 Joma R.SKYFIT 2209
74,95 €
The Joma SPIKES racing shoes are designed for cross-country running and for distances ... 1 Joma SPIKES
73,95 €
Men's Joma Spikes

Track shoes, track spikes, or just spikes, are a type of footwear characterized by having pointed protrusions, usually made of metal, ceramic or plastic, that are screwed into the bottom of most track and field shoes to increase traction and minimize the likelihood of slipping. Our e-Shop has spikes for the professional athlete and budding track stars alike. Check out our diverse range online and find the best spikes for you. We carry children's, women's and men's spikes. Choose from a wide range of styles from adidas, Nike, Mizuno and Asics to help you beat that record. That's not all, we also offer a full range of shoe care products to keep your footwear looking like new; all from our e-Shop.