Rossignol EVO XC 55 R-SKIN + CONTROL

Cross-country skis


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Rossignol EVO XC 55 R-SKIN + CONTROL

Cross-country skis: The Rossignol EVO XC 55 R-SKIN + CONTROL offers beginner or intermediate skiers a user-friendly ski that doesn't require waxing. Cross-country skis are manufactured in shorter lengths and their wider dimensions increase stability and manoeuvrability even when you are off-track. Our integrated climbing mohair belt provides good rebound and glide in all conditions. Bindings are a part of the skis - is already mounted on the integrated ski plate. Thanks to the R-Skin technology, both beginners and advanced skiers will be able to comfortably enjoy the classic style of skiing.

  • weight is indicated for one ski with a 175 cm length
  • very easy to push off and glide
  • replaceable R-Skin offers easy, consistent kick and maximum glide without the use of kick waxes - suitable for 100-150 days on snow
  • shorter ski lengths increase manoeuvrability, control and ease of use
  • lightweight and enable great performance
  • thanks to the lightweight wooden core with air channels, the ski has a perfect lively feelbinding board, compatible with various types of TURNAMIC & reg
  • bindings, is integrated into the skis without the use of screws
  • the Activ CAP construction offers a balance of torsional rigidity and flexibility from toe to heel


Product code 125058
Supplier code RHKWC05
Suitable style classic
Length (recommended weight) 165 cm (40-54 kg), 175 cm (54-68 kg), 185 cm (67-80 kg)
Side form 55/48/52
Construction LDC
Base K6000 - SKIN Sport
Bindings 3D CONTROL
Compatibility NNN
Weight 720 g (1587.6 lbs)
Technology ACTIVE CAP
Colour black, red, brown

Used Technologies


The structure is radically changing the ski behavior by combination of two different materials: ROSSICAP: - very soft, skis are more flexible - tips and tails floats and glide on uneven surfaces - ...



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Length: 185 CM
Luxusní turistické běžky
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Size Chart


A - classic style + 20 cm  
B - combi style + 15 cm
C - skate style + 10 cm
D - body height  

Rossignol EVO XC 55 R-SKIN + CONTROL

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