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Straps The MADMAX straps are made with the aim to help and strengthen the grip during ... 6 MADMAX STRAPS
9,45 €
Straps The MADMAX straps are made with the aim to help and strengthen the grip during ... 1 MADMAX STRAPS
10,95 €
An innovated model of the MADMAX straps are much stronger than all the previous ... 4 MADMAX ANTI-SLIP STRAPS
15,95 €
Classic metal hooks MADMAX are designed to strengthen the grip when performing heavy ... 5 MADMAX Metallic Lat-Hooks - NEW SIL
18,95 €
The MADMAX Sandwich is an economical version of the classic 4” belt with a simple ... 1 MADMAX Sandwich BLK
19,95 €
The Sharp Shape GRIP PAD ensures comfort when you exercise. Forget blisters and ... SHARP SHAPE GRIP PAD
6,95 €
A reliable fitness belt MADMAX Simply the best with simple colours is suitable for ... 2 MADMAX Simply the Best BLK
24,95 €
The MADMAX SYNTHETIC DIP BELT is an essential accessory for effective strengthening ... 1 MADMAX SYNTHETIC DIP BELT
34,95 €
Grips: The sveltus CROSS TRAINING GLOVES are a necessary item to have what you are ... 1 SVELTUS CROSS TRAINING GLOVES
11,95 €
Hand grips: The Sveltus PREMIUM HOLE HAND GRIP are made from natural leather and ... SVELTUS PREMIUM HOLE HAND GRIP
16,95 €
The 4-piece Fitforce EVA exercise tile set can be set in various ways which makes it ... 49 Fitforce EVA
17,95 €
The Fitforce FITNESS BELT provides back support for amateur weightlifters. The ... 26 Fitforce FITNESS BELT
14,95 €
This soft lumbar belt for strengthening is suitable for beginners and hobby users in ... 20 Fitforce FITNESS BELT
10,95 €
Other exercise helpers

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