SPORTISIMO is named Retailer of The Year for the fifth consecutive year!

In 2015, Sportisimo was awarded the distinction of 'Retailer of The Year' for the fifth consecutive year in the category of top 'Sportswear and sports equipment retailer'. Each year, top retailers from around the Czech Republic are nominated by the voting public to receive this prestigious award. The award is bestowed on the top retailer by MasterCard, and their partners. 

Receiving this award is a very humbling experience for all of us at Sportisimo; we recognize this sign of support from our patrons and feel equally honoured by their gesture of support. This sort of recognition speaks volumes about our dedication and passion for promoting sports in and around the communities that we live in through initiatives such as the RUN.CZECH running series and other local sporting events. Without a doubt, the people that we serve on a daily basis have made us what we are today. We wish to express our heartfelt thank you to our loyal customers and partners. We will continue to dedicate our time and effort to finding the better path in creating the ultimate customer experience for you. 

We sincerely appreciate your unwavering support over the years and remain very appreciative for having been given this award! 

Thank you all!