Dunlop PRO

Squash ball



Dunlop PRO

A premium squash ball Dunlop PRO with excellent playing properties and durability is the official ball for the WSF, PSA, and CASQ used by professional, tournament, and club players in local and international competitions.

  • 1-pack
  • excellent properties
  • official ball for the professional competitions


Product code 114675
Supplier code 700108-1
Material rubber
Weight 30 g
Colour black, gray



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How to Choose Ball

The basic categorisation of squash balls is by their speed. Faster balls are suitable for beginners. More advanced and professional players, on the other hand, like slower balls.

The speed on the squash ball is maked with a colour dot. The fastest balls are marked with a blue dot and the slowest with two yellow dots. 


Skill level Speed of the ball Marking


Very fast Blue dot
Slightly intermediate Fast Red dot
 Intermediate Medium fast White dot
Advanced Slow Yellow dot
Professional Very slow Two yellow dots

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