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Is speed in your blood? Are you looking or a reliable footwear for obstacle running? Or you just enjoy running in dirt and on technical trail? We have good news, no matter the answer. The new generation of women’s running shoes Craft OCRxCTM SPEED in which you can easily overcome all obstacles on OCR tracks and in open terrain, is coming. The base of the shoe is an aggressive outsole made of highly adhesive rubber, which was developed especially for the SPARTAN RACE needs. In addition to high grooves and excellent grip, the ROPE GRIP technology in the midfoot for incredibly easy climbing on the rope is a must. The cushioning sits on a lower 5 mm drop for maximum maneuverability and accuracy even at high speed. The CRAFT OCRxCTM SPEED shoe is designed for maximum performance. This is also reflected in the softness of the cushioning, which is slightly lower compared to training models, so that you do not lose valuable energy during the take off and can thus make full use of the force put into each take off. In addition, you will find drainage holes in the front part of the cushioning, through which all the water you draw inside will immediately flow out of the shoe. Combined with the construction made of non-absorbent materials, you don’t have to worry about the shoes getting heavier during races.The upper has also undergone a completer reconstruction. Firm rubber reinforcements used in older models have been discarded in order for this one to step it up a notch. Rubber has been replaced by a new combination of strong fabric of the upper and a mesh material with kevlar reinforced fibres to perfectly stabilise the feet inside the shoes. As soon as you put the shoe on and tighten it, it creates a perfect “cage” that effectively keeps the foot firmly inside the shoe. At the same time, it does not pinch anywhere, does not interfere and adapts to any foot shape. A solid rubber toe protector and lighter rubber coating around the entire circumference of the shoe, which protects your feet and the shoe itself is a matter of course.

  • fast model for obstacle and trail running
  • aggressive outsole made of highly adhesive rubber was developed specifically for the SPARTAN RACE needs
  • ROPE GRIP technology in the midfoot makes climbing a rope much easier
  • drainage holes in the front part of the cushioning lets out the water you draw in
  • non-absorbent material
  • upper adapts to any foot shape
  • rubber toe cap and light rubber coating around the shoe for better protection


Product code 118738
Supplier code 1910460-914623
Upper mesh
Midsole combination of cushioning materials
Outsole rubber
Drop 5 mm
Surface terrain
Water resistance no
Weight 290 g (639.45 lbs)
Colour gray, black, light green



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