Zealot WHEELS 82X24MM

Set of 4 wheels - Zealot


Code: 6922029351

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Zealot WHEELS 82X24MM

Set of 4 wheels for in-line skates with a diameter of 82mm and a hardness of 83A.

  • set contains 4pcs


Product code 6922029351
Supplier code AAS0240-7-6B
Wheel diameter 82mm
Wheel hardness 83A
Colour transparent, black



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How To Choose the Wheels

The wheel size is one of the basic parameters when choosing skates. Smaller wheel diameter is suitable for the beginners and with further experience you can start to think about larger diameters. Take into consideration that the bigger the wheels, the faster you'll go. 

Every inline skate model has a maximal wheel size given by the manufacturer. We recommend you to check this information before making the purchase.


Our recommendation: 

Skill level Wheel diameter
Beginner to 82 mm
Intermediate 80 mm - 90 mm
Advanced, expert 84 mm - 100 mm