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Wilson JUICE BOYS 21

Junior Tennis Racquet (WRT290200)

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Wilson JUICE BOYS 21

The JUICE BOYS 21 junior tennis racquet from Wilson is suited for mid-range junior players as well as for beginners. The racquet's design is inspired by high-performance adult racquets.


Number of article WRT290200
Product code WRT290200
Frame profile 20.5 mm D Beam
Length 53.3 cm (20.98 inch)
Weight 195 g (429.975 lbs)
Head size 613 cm2 (95.02 sq. in.)



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How to Choose Grip Size

We recommend to place a ruler to stretched hand, with fingers pointing up along each other. Place the ruler in such a way that it keeps a line between your ring finger and middle finger. Measure the distance from the middle lateral line (if you slightly bend your palm, you will see total of 3 stand out (“life lines”) all the way to the end of your ring finger. From the measured value in cm, choose by using the table for grip sizes.


Grip marking
Measured value
Recommended for
1 (4 1/8) 10,5 cm women
2 (4 1/4) 10,8 cm women
3 (4 3/8) 11,1 cm women/men
4 (4 1/2) 11,4 cm men
5 (4 5/8) 11,7 cm men


How to choose a racquet for a child

The height and playing skills of the kid are the most important parameters for selection the correct length of racket. The better can the kid play, the longer can the racket be. The correct length make the game of tennis easier for kids. Suitable size can is measured by having the kid stand straight and hold that racked at the end of the grip as if playing. Then point the racket down (racket head will be above ground). The end of racket head should be at the ankle height and should not touch the ground.



Kid's age
Marking Suitable for height
from 3 years 17" (43 cm) 80 cm
from 5 years 19" (48 cm) 100 cm
from 7 years 21" (53,5 cm) 110 cm
from 8 years 23" (58 cm) 120 cm
from 9 years  25" (63,5 cm)  130 cm
from 10 years 26" (66 cm) 140 cm



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