Under Armour HOVR STRT

Men’s lifestyle shoes (2203029794)


Under Armour HOVR STRT

The Under Armor HOVR STRT offer excellent breathability and style thanks to the lightweight compression mesh upper. The UA HOVR™ technology offers a “zero gravitation” effect to maintain energy return and eliminate shock from impacts. The modern construction of the tongue forms an integral design. Shaped plush insole provides great cushioning. Solid rubber textured outsole.
  • compression material
  • excellent breathability


Product code 2203029794
Supplier code 3022581-001
Upper textile
Midsole UA HOVR ™
Outsole rubber
Technology UA HOVR™
Colour black, gray

Used Technologies


The UA HOVR™ System is a perfect combination of cushioning material, padding, energy return and durability. Hovr maintains a zero-gravity feel.    UA HOVR™ Cushioning + dynamic Energy ...



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How to Choose Size



      A - foot length

      B - insole length

      C - 5 mm (0,20 inch)


When buying shoes, choosing the right size is essential. If you click on the size, top line will show you the size in other measurements. Different brands can use different sizing. Unfortunately, there is no unified size chart. The final size of the shoe can slightly change depending on the shoe’s construction, manufacture process and material. We recommend choosing size according to measurements in centimetres, which state RECOMMENDED FOOT LENGTH.  





      A - length in centimetres (inch)



  • Use either a shoe box or any wall with a 90° angle.
  • Get a piece of paper or a cardboard, ruler and a pen.


What next?

  • Be sure to wear your usual socks.
  • Step on the piece of paper and position your foot in a 90° angle to a wall or use a shoe box.
  • Use a ruler and a pen to draw a line right above your longest toe.
  • Measure the distance from the line to the wall.
  • Choose size accordingly.

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