Tohos ARIZONA 145 CM

Hockey Stick



Tohos ARIZONA 145 CM

This children's TOHOS ARIZONA hockey stick comes in a length of 145cm and is intended primarily for recreational play.
  • left-handed or right-handed curve


Product code 8521044934
Supplier code HOKEJTOH145P
Material laminated Birch
Side right arm down
Colour black, gray, red



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How to Choose a Hockey Stick

There are two options for choosing the right length:

  • If you measure the stick without your skates on, the stick should reach your nose.
  • If you measure with your skates on, the stick should reach the level of your chin.

This is enough to choose the optimal length of your stick. Advanced players choose length individually depending on their demands and experience. Strikers usually prefer shorter sticks, which allow for faster manipulation with pucks and make things easier for technical players. Defenders, on the other hand, mostly use longer sticks which are better for defending and allow for energetic shots.

Choosing a side:



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