SP Connect BIKE II IPHONE 8+/7+/6S+/6+

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SP Connect BIKE II IPHONE 8+/7+/6S+/6+

The SP BIKE BUNDLE II lets you attach your smartphone to your bike in a second. Enjoy easy access to your apps, playlists, and navigation. This set is made mostly for bike lovers and it features durable phone case, cover that protects the phone against the rain and mud, and Universal Bike Mount that can easily be mounted on the handlebar or bike stem. SP Universal Bike Mount can be used with a tilted stand with which you can ideally place your phone, or without the stand like a low-profile holder. The phone can be safely closed locked by turning it 90°.

  • made for Iphone 8+, 7+, 6S+, 6+
  • SP PHONE CASE - thin case with a protective triple-layer construction. With MicroRail mount at the back for connectivity with other accessories and SP GADGETS or GoPro attachment.
  • SP WEATHER COVER - a cover that protects your device against rain, dirt, mud, while maintaining the functionality of your touch screen. Combined with the SP PHONE CASE it also provides protection against impact.
  • SP UNIVERSAL BIKE MOUNT - installation element that allows safe mounting of SP CONNECT products to the handlebars. 2 installation modes
  • It has an adjustable stand and it can be oriented horizontally or vertically. Tool-free installation on rounded and flat surfaces.


Product code 54401
Supplier code 54401
Colour transparent, black



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SP Connect BIKE II IPHONE 8+/7+/6S+/6+

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