Men's Crossroad Neutral Running Shoes

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22,99 €
The Crossroad JADE shoes are suitable for regular wear and non-demanding hikes in the nature.
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24,99 €
The Crossroad JEFFY is a trainer designed for occassional running or everyday wear.
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23,99 € 24,99 € (4%)
Crossroad JONAS men’s trail shoes suitable for leisure time in the city or basic outdoor running ...
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20,99 € 24,99 € (16%)
Men's trail running shoes Crossroad JONAS suitable for leisure time in the city or basic outdoor ...
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18,99 € 22,99 € (17%)
Men's sports shoes crossroad JENIC M with good traction, suitable for sports and leisure time.
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22,99 € 24,99 € (8%)
This men's trail shoe by Crossroad is suitable for leisure wear and for hiking on trail.
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Men's Crossroad Neutral Running Shoes

Neutral running shoes have no stabilizing elements such as pronation support, making them suitable for runners with no foot misalignment. The cushioning is less than in the case of Road running shoes, but the shoe provides enough protection for the joints. The advantage is that by having less support the foot muscles are more stressed and consequently trained harder.

► If you prefer to stay off the beaten path, then Trail running shoes are ideal for you. The trail shoe provides better support and more protection against the foot

► Rather stick to the pavement? Try having a look at our Road running shoes

► With Minimalist running shoes, or barefoot shoes, you can enjoy a natural running feeling and close to barefoot running


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