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Shoes Minimalist

Minimalist shoes are said to be a cross between traditional running shoes and running barefoot and are intended to closely approximate barefoot running conditions. They are characterized by thin soles, reduced cushioning and being of lighter weight than other running shoes, allowing for more sensory contact for the foot on the ground while simultaneously providing the feet with some protection from ground hazards and conditions such as pebbles and dirt. Generally, there are two types of minimalist shoes, barefoot and minimalist: Barefoot Running Shoes are characterized by their zero drop from heel to toe. In other words, the heel has minimal cushioning and is at the same height level as the toe. Minimalist Running Shoes are in-between traditional running shoes and barefoot running shoes. They have a minimum heel height of about 4–8 mm. When choosing the right pair of shoes, we can help by providing you with a detailed list of product specifications. We also offer a search function that will allow you to find the products you want based on brand, size, color and material. That's not all, we also offer a full range of shoe care products to keep your footwear looking like new; all from our e-Shop.