1. Gender

Who are you choosing for?

Men, women and children run differently. Therefore each of them needs a different type of a running shoe.

Honza D., running shoes specialist
2. Shoe size - EU

What size of running shoes do you need?

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Shoe size - EU

When shopping for running shoes, the size is one of the most important aspects. Wrong size can ruin the entire enjoyment from running. First feeling when putting on the shoe has to be comfortable without feeling pressure. In some cases, it is recommended to choose a shoe about half a size larger that your usual shoes, but it depends on the feel of the shoe. You can read more on choosing the right size in your How To Choose section.

Honza D., running shoes specialist
3. Surface

What surface will you be running on the most?

Decide what surface you will mostly run on right at the beginning. This will help you select the correct type of a running shoe that matches your body's biomechanics and will last a long time.

Honza D., running shoes specialist
4. Use

How much do you plan on running?

If you are serious about running, do not be afraid to get higher quality shoes, no matter if you run a lot, race, or just want to give your feet the best comfort.

Honza D., running shoes specialist
5. Tread

What is your pronation?

Your level of pronation is an important criterion for selecting the right type of running shoes. You can find out what type you need by yourself from the pictures above and from the wear of the sole thread on your current shoes.

Honza D., running shoes specialist
6. Water resistance

Water resistant membrane, yes or no?

You run in any weather and you are not afraid of difficult conditions? Then you should definitely choose water resitant shoes with a membrane,which won't stop you in rain nor snow. Thanks to the memebrane you will always train with a dry foot.

Honza D., running shoes specialist


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Shoe size - EU

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Running Shoes

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The GEL-PULSE™ 11 GTX is a part of a waterproof GORE-TEX collection created for ...
120,99 €
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The Asics GEL-PULSE 11 is a men’s running shoe designed for those who love running on ...
99,99 €
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The Nike ZOOM WINFLO 6 SE W features a gorgeous design that radiates speed, low ...
101,99 €
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The Reebok FOREVER FLOATRIDE ENERGY features a lightweight Floatride Energy Foam ...
91,99 €
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The Reebok HARMONY ROAD 3 delivers a smooth and comfortable ride. The Floatride ...
113,99 €
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The Under Armour HOVR INFINITE are neutral running shoes in a modern design featuring ...
148,99 €
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The Mizuno WAVE INSPIRE W features a brand new wave plate construction for optimal ...
144,99 €(31%) 98,99 €
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The adidas ADIZERO RC will become your favourite shoe for your daily running ...
91,99 €
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The Nike FLEX CONTACT 3 offers all advantages of lacing without having to tie them! A ...
70,99 €(21%) 55,99 €
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The Nike EXPERIENCE RN 8 SE bring dynamic comfort to your run. Injected foam ...
66,99 €(16%) 55,99 €
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The Nike RENEW ARENA provides a snug fit for maximum comfort and enhanced ...
70,99 €(15%) 59,99 €
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The Reebok INSTALITE PRO HTHR has a sensitive cushioning and breathable upper. ...
62,99 €
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The Asics GEL-EXCITE 6 let you enjoy your run in comfort. Featuring gel under the ...
80,99 €(9%) 72,99 €
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Conquer any terrain with the Asics GEL-FUJITRABUCO 6. The flexible grooves with ...
137,99 €(12%) 120,99 €
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The Under Armour CHARGED IMPULSE MJVE W offers a simple feminine design. The upper ...
78,99 €
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The Asics ROADHAWK™ FF 2 W is designed for those who want to give their run a boost. ...
120,99 €
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The Under Armour CHARGED ESCAPE 2 features an upper with a minimum amount of seams ...
89,99 €
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Enjoy exclusive design at an affordable price with the Reebok QUICK MOTION. With high ...
44,99 €(17%) 36,99 €
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The Nike ODYSSEY REACT 2 FLYKNIT W combine the lightweight Flyknit upper with a ...
129,99 €(10%) 116,99 €
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The Under Armour HOVR PHANTOM SE with a neutral footstrike. These running shoes ...
148,99 €(24%) 111,99 €
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The Mizuno WAVE KIZUNA is made primarily for beginners who want to increase their ...
132,99 €
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You’re getting better with each practice. The adidas SOLAR RIDE M with a mesh ...
97,99 €(18%) 79,99 €
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Be prepared to face any challenge with the Asics RoadHawk FF2. The RoadHawk FF2 has ...
120,99 €(14%) 103,99 €
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The design of the adidas SOLAR DRIVE W is inspired by the colours created by ...
121,99 €
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Wearing the right running shoe, a shoe that fits your foot properly, will prevent wear and tear on your joints through absorbing impact from the very surface that you're running over. Today's technology allows shoe manufacturers to tailor the design of their products while keeping those very running surfaces in mind.  Shoes are now made to carry you farther, longer. For example, a high impact road racing shoe is designed to be used on asphalt and paved surfaces while a hybrid high density shoe may be designed for activity on a variety of different surfaces from flat to multi-terrain. On the other hand, shoes designed specifically for the trail will have a thicker sole with an aggressive tread making this type of shoe suitable for outdoor activity off the beaten track. Our collection caters to all categories of runners from recreational to the professional athlete. Let us introduce you to our collection of footwear from leading brands adidas, Nike, Reebok, O´Neill, Salomon, NorthFinder, Alpine Pro, Hannah and Hi-Tec. We'll even hook you up with information on how to care for your new footwear by suggesting the proper shoe care product, also available from our e-shop.