While others are already complaining about the cold, you still go for a run every day. We've put together the following tips to help you protect yourself from the risks of running in cold weather.

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5 autumn tips for every runner

Protect your head and hands  - A hat, gloves, and well chosen functional underwear is mandatory. Over 40% of heat can escape through the unprotected surfaces on the head, arms, and hands.

Layer up - First things first, a breathable T-shirt that will reliably wick sweat away from your body, then put a sweatshirt or a light jacket over that. Tight running pants will keep your legs warm while keeping you comfortable. And if it’s really cold outside, take your gloves with you as well.

Warm up some more  - Before you take off, focus a bit more on exercise that increases bloodflow and warms your body up – running without warming up can cause easily preventable injury. That’s why we recommend to double your warm-up time compared to summer and, of course, to stretch after your workout.  

The 10% rule - Have a training plan? Make sure you don’t increase your training intensity by more than about 10% per month. You will prevent both injuries and exhaustion that would keep you from training for several weeks. Remember when it comes to running, it’s true that “Slow and steady wins the race."

Having a cold? Skip the training - If you’re not feeling 100% well, it’s better to skip the workout. Training while sick will only make the sickness worse and longer – and even if you’re just feeling too tired, resting will strengthen your immune system, and that will make the next run that much better. 

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