Progress CC SDNZ

Women’s functional tights



Progress CC SDNZ

The Progress CC SDNZ women’s functional tights feel super pleasant on the skin and their quality thermal insulation keeps you nicely warm in chilly weather. The material that they’re made of contains a special fibre called Cocarber®, a premium viscose fibre enriched with carbonized coffee beans. Cocarber is excellent at neutralizing bad odours and has exceptional antibacterial properties. It also reflects heat back to your body and protects you from UV rays. The fibres are made using coffee grounds, ensuring minimal ecological impact.

  • contains Cocarber® fibres, premium viscose fibre enriched with carbonised coffee beans
  • Cocarber® fibres help to neutralize bad odours, provide exceptional antibacterial properties, help to retain warmth inside and protect against UV rays
  • wide, comfortable waistband


Product code 1817000141
Supplier code 46VACC1
Material 40 % acrylic, 37 % viscose (Cocarber®), 18 % polyester, 5 % elastane
Technology COCARBER®
Colour black, gold

Used Technologies


Cocarber® fibre is a premium viscose fibre enriched with carbonized coffee beans. It has excellent antibacterial properties, it is super absorbent, and neutralises bad odours, providing maximum ...



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