Paying by card

Is your payment getting rejected even though you have already authorised internet transactions for your card?

Our brief tutorial will guide you through the process of paying by card on our e-shop, step by step.

Why was the payment rejected?

  • You might not have enough funds on your account.

  • You might have reached your limit for internet transactions.

  • You have not authorised internet transactions for your card
     (please contact your bank or authorise them in your online banking system)
  • Your card is not supported
     We support the following cards: 

1st step – payment options

  • select your preferred delivery option

  • select the card payment

2nd step – finishing the order objednávku

  • check the box to agree to the  Terms and Conditions 
  • finish the order by clicking the "Finish button

3rd step – confirming the order

4th step – choosing your card

  • select your card 
  • afterwards you can proceed by clicking the "Continue button" 

5th step – entering your card information 

To successfully complete the payment, you must enter the following information:

  • Card number - enter the 16 digit number without spaces

  • Valid until - enter your card’s expiration date

  • CVC2/CVV2 code - enter the 3 digit code imprinted at the back, next to your signature. 

  • Save your card for future payments? - this allows you to save your card's credentials for future payments. This step is optional.

  • In the last step you may be required to confirm the transaction with a 3-D secure code that you'll receive in an email or a text message..

6th step – receiving a message about the payment

a) The payment has been accepted

b) The payment has been rejected

Possible causes:

  • Incorrect card information.You can repeat the payment and enter the details again.
  • You do not have sufficient funds on your account or you have reached your limit for internet transactions.
  • You have not authorised internet transactions: in this case please contact your bank.
  • There was an error while contacting the server: please repeat the payment later.