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Men's Reebok Outdoor Shoes

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The Reebok RIDGERIDER 5.0 has a synthetic upper that is ready to support you on ...
48,99 €(20%) 38,99 €
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The Reebok SAWCUT 7.0 GTX  help to keep your feet dry and safe. These ...
91,99 €(29%) 64,99 €
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The Reebok SKYE PEAK IV GTX shoes are ideal for hiking trips. The synthetic upper is ...
95,99 €(68%) 29,99 €
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The Reebok SAWCUT GTX 6.0 provide a perfect fit. Comfort guaranteed. The sole is ...
105,99 €(47%) 55,99 €
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Need absolute certainty during every step? Meet the Reebok RIDGERIDER TRAIL 3.0. The ...
50,99 €(31%) 34,99 €
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Men's Reebok Outdoor Shoes

Trekking shoes are suitable for taking part in a variety of outdoor activities. Whether going out for a walk with your family or heading into the hills for a hike, we have a full selection of outdoor footwear in low-cut and mid-cut styles.


Low-cut models are suited for casual wear and easy-going terrain; they'll provide you with sufficient support on gentle grades and groomed trails.

Mid-cut trekking shoes provide greater ankle support and are best suited for outings in more technically challenging terrain.


If you enjoy trekking, you'll enjoy shopping our line-up from adidas, Nike, Reebok, Salomon, NorthFinder, Merrell, Alpine Pro, Hannah, Columbia and Hi-Tec.


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