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Kids' Bikes

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The Bottechia MTB 12 features a stylish design. With a practical box at the back.
248,99 €(14%) 213,99 €
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The Scott VOLTAGE JR 12 in a unique freestyle design.
248,99 €
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The Arcore COMAX 12 features 12'' wheels, a lower 9'' frame, and taller handlebars. ...
112,99 €
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Girl's bike Arcore MISS KITTY 12 in beautiful pink and white design, designed for ...
135,99 €(5%) 127,99 €
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Kids' Bikes

Choosing a bicycle for your child shouldn't be a complicated process. Kids' bikes are available in a variety of different sizes and range in height between 95 and 160 cm but are typically categorized according to wheel diameter from 12 to 24 inches. The wonderful thing about this sport is that one can learn how to cycle at any age, particularly children from a very early age. Kids' who start out on balance bikes develop a sense of balance early on and have a definite edge when the time comes to transition to a pedal bike. We stock a wide selection of balance and pedal bikes for children of all ages along with safety components, replacement parts and cycling accessories.