Jetboil STASH

Gas stove


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Jetboil STASH

The Jetboil STASH gas cooker will help you quickly prepare food or drink.The package includes a pot with a lid and heat exchanger, cooker, cartridge stabilizing pad and original cartridge cover. Everything is conveniently packed into the container. The cooker comes with a wide cooking pot with a heat exchanger that keeps boiling time to a minimum. The lid is fitted with a hole for easy pouring, you can also use it with a different size container. The cooker is supplied without cartridge.

  • very low weight
  • aluminium cup with a volume of 0.8l
  • fuel stabilizer and a lighter
  • high quality firm material
  • titanium construction
  • ultra lightweight


Product code 130463
Supplier code 1EA STASH
Volume 800 ml
Weight 202 g (445.41 lbs)
Colour black, white, orange



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Jetboil STASH

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