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Recharge Your Battery For The Whole Year

Experience A Holiday Full Of Fun Sporting Activities

Bicycle and Roller Sports

TIP: Do you own helmets and pads? In cycling and roller sports we strongly recommend that you equip yourself with protective equipment to protect your head, elbows and knees.

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Outdoor a camping

TIP: How do you pack your backpack to avoid back pain? Fold the food and heavier objects into the upper third and after wrapping, pull the compression straps to the maximum so that the backpack is sitting comfortably.

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Fun at the Water

TIP: We'll repeat this until you get sick: Never ever jump into water you do not know. There could be anything at the bottom. No matter if you are on a rocky seashore, or in a flooded quarry a few miles from home.

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Casual Sports

TIP: You know it, times flies when you’re having fun, and while you’re moving you may forget to drink. Do not be scalded by sun or heat in the summer and drink, even if you are not thirsty. We mean of course clean water, not coffee or alcohol!

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