Compressport TRAIL QUAD

Compression thigh sleeves (1379000682)

Colour: black (black / mix / blue)
Size: T4
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Compressport TRAIL QUAD

In human body, the larger the muscle, the more work it does, but at the same time it is also more susceptible to unwanted vibrations, of which trail runners have more than a clear idea. Whether during exercise or during subsequent regeneration, the Compressport TRAIL QUAD compression sleeves reduce muscle vibration to a minimum. As a result, recovery is faster and higher quality, and if you use it during exercise, it minimises microscopic muscle damage, delays feeling of tiredness and reduces pain.
Compression sleeves will tightly tighten the entire muscle group, significantly reducing shocks during running or movement that can cause micro-injury in the muscles and create fatigue and cramps. Blood flows faster and thus oxygenates your muscles faster.
It is very popular among trail runners, cyclists, rugby or basketball players. You can put thigh sleeves longer time before start (or demanding exercise) and you will quickly feel its positive effects. You can even swim in them, they fit perfectly and stay put. They are made out of material that is sensitive to the skin and prevents skin irritation on the inner thighs. In a seamless, comfortable, and soft cut. Upper hem is features silicone print, which will keep the sleeves in one place.
  • reduction of muscle shakes
  • delays tiredness and pain
  • faster oxidation
  • detoxification
  • less pain and cramps
  • Faster regeneration


Product code 1379000682
Supplier code QDTR-99RD
Material 63 % Polyamide, 28 % Elastane, 9 % Polyester
Colour black, mix, blue



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Compressport TRAIL QUAD

Price: 49,99 €